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Broadcast 3 years ago
by John's phlog

Tags: richard thompson, captain joe, fellow officers

Hi I am Richard(?) Thompson and in my book For Old Arms, at in chapter two, lieutenant Henry Junior moves to the town of Garivia(?) further from the fighting which continues into the mountains beyond. Life in this town is pretty enjoyable and the buildings aren't really damaged. And there are nights that have cafes(?) and there's even two brothels(?), one for officers and one for the enlisted men. And, one winter day, Henry sits in the mess hall with a group of fellow officers to declare that the war is over for the year because of the snow. And since they're spared from the intention for religion, the men taught in the military priest bating, bating him with accrued(?), with crude(?) talk about his sexuality. Captain Joe Tinley tried the priest for never promoting with women or anything. And the good nature of the priest brushes of he is not religious. Henry treats to the priest kindly.

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