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Please select the department you request in the following option press 1 for residential valuation ___. Hello. National department ___ speak to Adam(?) please. Adam some voicemail and if you could pick it up. Yeah and I've just called a couple of times and it's normal for the Monday morning to be voicemail ___. I'm not sure I don't know what the story is just and who's calling please. It's Scott Pasel(?). Could you just hold on in a minute please please ___ ok. Thank you bye

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Brought to you by ipadio.

Please select the department you require from the following options. Press 1 for residential valuation. Press 2 for commercial valuation agency and building surveying. Press 3 for property management. Hello Commission Department. Hi could I speak to Adam please. I think Adam's on voicemail is that ok. Is that mean he's out of the office or ___. That means I haven't seen him so far yet but I think that means he's busy and he'll get back to you. Hey I'll just give him a call back it's ok. Ok then. Ok thanks. Thank you bye. Bye.

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Mark Street Clergy House
London, EC2A 4ER

Clients include:
  • virgin media
  • oxfam
  • british horse racing authority
  • england athletics
  • homeserve