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Hey everybody welcome to the Daily Excrament(?). My name is Rod and my Daily Excrament(?) I need one day and one day only. Only. Only. Wow I'm out of practice. I'm back here on on this thing I do to this pod cast just for the heck of it. Yeah I got a couple of things I wanna bring up of what happened since the last time I did one of these. As also ___ from the open road here in the state of North Dakota in the seat of my 18 wheeler. Yeah nice rainy day today by the way. Alex had to throw the weather man. I think the last time he did to put those still smelly and heisty(?) and ___ about having to strive on some ___ road. And right now everything's lush and green and the dandelions are popping through and of many shower today to do things fired up here in

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