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 Image (628171) image uploaded on 05-08-13

Pesky rabbits and bugling elk welcomed David Schenck at this primitive National Forest Campsite just past Indiana Pass- a punishing 4,000 ft climb in wintery conditions on Saturday August 3. By nightfall he will reach New Mexico!

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Broadcast 10 months ago
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Unbelievably it's silence at the right time is in deed golden. My name is Tommy Taylor. I was fourteen years old I learned how valuable silence can be doing one of the picked of all moments. My dad had given me a double barrel fourteen shotgun for Christmas. He kept me rabbit hunting during the following month we had hunted with the beagles for a while in one location and we're about to drive to another. Dad pulled up his truck and headed to where I was standing waiting to be picked up as I opened the doors his truck to get in I thought about having my safety on and making sure the barrel was pointing down with towards the front hook being as observant as he was he said son take your finger out of the triggers right before you get in

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 Image (396450) image uploaded on 22-04-13
Broadcast 12 months ago at Haynes, Central Bedfordshire, UK
by Mark's ipadio Phlog

Mark with rabbits!

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Michael's phlog - phlog (7573) image uploaded on 27-Mar-10
Broadcast about a year ago at Slabtown, Portland, OR 97209, USA
by Michael's phlog

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