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Good evening parents. This is Mr Walber(?) with the Daily Homework update. I apologize for ___ to the phone call. However today students should have a little assign some work for Ms Aider(?) to review for the LGs(?) and you can complete the notes that they took today in class. They also had, just 8 problems that they have to work on. Some students were given an additional sheet to work on to help continue to practice their place value skills. In addition I have placed a release ___ on power point slides on our wiki(?). If your students really wants to practice her Science. They are given half the answers of those slides today and they can review those throughout the week. They'll be getting letting after tomorrow. As always thank you for your support. Thanks and Have a good night.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago
by John's phlog

Tags: power point slides, king 5, team leaders

Hey this is John McMarie(?). King 5 is alive. Tired of reading those emails, well just listen. You wanted to say thank you Sherry for giving us an opportunity to help each other grow and inspire and address our thoughts. Definitely move hour thinking forward. I wanted to personally say thank you to this other team leaders for power point slides and those templates. The website, your suggestions it has definitely made me look awesome. So have a great weekend and may the force be with you. Bye.

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