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Hi I'm Charlie Martell and this is my 3rd phone cast from Pacific Ocean from my ___. I ___ yesterday maintaining a good speed and good cause of the ground and hope to do the same today. I prepared myself for tough day now having a large breakfast a porridge ___ by large coffee and I decided it was ___ that ___ wasn't enough to make progress in the direction I hope to go ___ this morning it took an hour and a half it's painful and the body really felt every single stroke the worst thing is when I stopped to take a drink of water you could see on the ___ side on the deck in distance just falling away so it seems you stop rolling find something backwards and actually quickly so I decided to get yours in and to put para anchor and back to ___.

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Broadcast 2 years ago at Farm to Market 219, Hico, TX 76457, USA
by dan's phlog

Tags: neck of the woods, great lover, decent job

One of a Fairy Tale by Corey Davenport. Once upon a time an old man lived in a nice house out in the woods of the beating(?) path. First and all ___ first and all for science either. The coverage was sufficiently stock ___ there. Barely times there was one but the old man did a very decent job of fulfilling the role of provider to the residence of the house. He'd even managed to adorn his home with a small room full of books for he was a great lover of knowledge and if you'll ___ decorations for he was also a great lover of culture. About all, he realized the value of a we'll rounded personality and ___ by richest fellow residence with this ___. One day as the old man was pending his kettle pot over the kitchen harp, stirring his porridge. He heard a knock at his door. As he answered, he was greeted by an intelligent nicely dressed man a traveller. Obviously not from his neck of the woods. As a practitioner of ___ Abraham

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Broadcast 3 years ago
by MaryAnn's channel

Tags: little bears, mama bear, papa bear

Once upon a time there are 3 little bears. Mama bear papa bear and baby bear. They were out on a walk along came Goldilocks and she knocked on the door and there was no answer so she went in the house and sat down at the table and said this porridge is too hot. This porridge is too cold. This porridge is just right. And so she eat it all up.

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Broadcast 4 years ago at Bedford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, GB
by David's phlog

Tags: Poem, Spike, Milligan

Poem by Spike Milligan

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