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Broadcast 2 years ago
by Palesa's phlog

Tags: magic wand, pinocchio, simmons

1234 Athea(?) Simmons(?). Ok Athea(?) we're gonna read ___ and Pinocchio. That's the title of this book. Once upon a time there was a little boy who played ___. Around town he go click clunk(?) clock click clunk(?) clock clink clunck(?) clock. The grown up he said take that bink(?) out of here not only that the boy's father got in trouble. The boy's father was a musician. He had a magic wand. He go ___ and make things disappear but he played to ___ some people.

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James O'Malley: From Your Own Correspondent - channel image uploaded on 28-May-10

Hello been ___ waiting for a good few hours and we still got what? At least 4 hours to go before anything happens. At least 4 hours to go but we, we're now both wearing make up. That's right. Both wearing make up. I'm still a man. I still like tough care(?) and football and, and casual violence. And you were even looking at the Daily Star earlier. So you're a real man. Yeah. Just like Pinocchio. No, no so is, is cake(?) to make up now. It's like, it's like someone's smashed a cake into our face and some of it stuck there. Yeah, do you remember the Simpson's ___ that homeroom defense to like sheep(?) make up on women. Just like that. Yeah. Just like that.

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