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Broadcast about a year ago
by Joseph's channel

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Tags: evil age, pilgrimage, gold

Depending on it's gold and pilgrimage but when from ___ I must badge(?) where we thought like the evil age he will live from the day the eyes have heard it on from his well track and look another way so thou thyself out going and I knew I looked on ___ unless thou get a song(?).

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 Image (37902) image uploaded on 06-05-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at 90, Israel
by Aid to the Church in Need UK

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Tags: Middle East, Holy Land, Westminster

Monsignor Robert Stern has told the audience in Westminster to pray for and go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land - and stressed the importance of avoiding being partisan, but to seek a way of peace and reconciliation.

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 Image (34067) image uploaded on 15-04-13
Broadcast 2 years ago at Gibbs Cor., Nassau, The Bahamas
by Arkansas:Abroad Podcast

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Tags: Hurricane Irene, Bahamas, Nassau

We in Arkansas are used to the yearly pilgrimage of people from southern Louisiana to the hotels lining the Arkansas-Louisiana border as they evacuate during hurricane season. What about those that cannot evacuate? What do they do? Alison Lowe takes some to talk to us from Nassau in the Bahamas in the aftermath of Irene.

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#014 Cycling the Pilgrim Route to Santiago de Compostela - phlogcast (27094) image 1 uploaded on 27-Apr-10

In September 1987, a group of four of us cycled the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela. We were four girls who didn't know much about bicycles or even how to change a flat tyre and who didn't really think of ourselves as endurance athletes. But we cycled over 500 miles in about 10 days across rugged wilderness and over the Galician mountain ranges to win - what? A certificate in Latin forgiving us of all our sins and a sense of personal satisfaction.// In this episode of my mobile podcast, while laid out on the sofa with a bad cold, I look back at this personal journey and a moment of transition in my life.// Photo: thanks to placid casual on flickr.com (CCL)

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