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With the First question when starting about how Gaila built meaning for the students that introduction she just basically have conversation with her students just talking about how they feeling alive to go out and personal examples of what they would do and the like to go out or how they feel and things like that and she just talked to then I had conversation basically introducing that this book was about lights and introducing that the book is about candle lights specifically when the lights go out and when she had the night predictions before reading the book she asked about the characters and specifically where the dad maybe cos he's absent in the story as well as where could he be instead of being at home and also later when they're looking at pictures she's asking you know why does the character open the window or will the lights come back up and

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Julie(?) start in the ___ by any each student get a personal examples of what they'll do at their own house when the lights go out. She got responses such as how made them feel, what to do in their house when it rains and many others. I thought this is a good idea if each student are way(?) to are way(?) to the reading then they're about to do. Think they now have that personal connection to the character of the book. He gave them a reason to continue reading, each student made predictions on the book as well. They went to the pictures of the book talking what was going on in the pictures and what they feel is going to happen based on this pictures. Since many students said getting back on to bed before their lives ___ on. ___ the purpose of reading. His purpose was to see it provides with come back on before Ben Hur goes to bed. Have each student knew what their were ___

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