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BHA Xtra - channel image uploaded on 15-Jan-10
Broadcast 4 years ago
by BHA Xtra

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Tags: arnell, t george, pensacola

Result of the thrilling William hill chase

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ByteMonkey's Phlog - phlog (9707) image uploaded on 27-Sep-09
Broadcast 4 years ago at Escambia, FL, USA, US
by ByteMonkey's Phlog

Tags: pensacola florida, monkey, quite some time

Hello everybody this is Bite Monkey in Pensacola Florida. Tonight I tried to log on to early.com(?) and the site was not loading for me. I know there's been problems with the site for quite some time now and I'm wondering if it finally died. Well because of that I decided to scout the web to find another service don't allow me to do audio posts and I found ipadio.com(?) I don't know how long they've been out there I just started and this is one of my first posts and the only difference I can see is that they don't have a way to record your voice from the site and I don't believe it's community oriented. I maybe completely wrong on this but I'm just starting out with the service and I don't really see anything obvious to tell us otherwise. All in all ipadio serves the purpose of me being able to do voice posting from my from my phone. If early comes back we'll give them another shot but for now we're probably using ipadio. Thanks for your time this is Bite Monkey signing off.

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