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 Image (116359) image uploaded on 18-11-13
Broadcast 4 months ago at Nordkapp, Norway
by Pole of Cold Expedition 2013

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Hi this is Felicity and I'm calling from pretty much as Northern as North as you can get in Norway the famous end of Norway is a place called Nord Cap Nord Cape and we couldn't quite get there today cos of the weather. So we're in a little village a little short of that but we're gonna stay here over night and the storm is raging outside it's really incredible it just suddenly the visibility just disappears and you can have ___ wind for a minute or 2 and then it'll die back down again so you go from being able to see something a few kilometres away to not being able to see something a few inches away. We only got this far because of the help of the snow plough men who drive up and down the road they get covered in snow and keep it clear so that people can get through to the villages up here but even they closed the road to Nord Cap today because it was too windy. Apparently yesterday they advised had one of these huge snow plough machines get physically blown off one of the roads cos it was

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Why digital champions make a difference - to the PM

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Hello this is Nick and Kelsey here in Internet webpage. We are working on our websites trying to finish them up before the end of the school year. We're hoping to get a hundred percent on our websites. Kelsey deserves a hundred percent on her website. She has but blogs what appears on this website and is were now crying because she's not sure whether or not she gonna finish or not. It has to be thirty seconds so this one second. She she's awesome she she's wearing a pink dress with daisies on it a purple daisies orange daisies and pink daisies. She got teachers award today and that she have colored hair and yeah she she's a great person so I'm gonna end this phone call now.

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Broadcast 11 months ago
by Lauren's channel

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Tags: hole in your heart, grief, hearts

Everyone has to say goodbye sometimes. But doesn't everyone dreamed of being different. People you have staying instead of going. Sometimes you're happy that people are moving only and who with a success. Get our hearts swallowed in sorry. When someone you love passes away everyone tells you they're in a better place and still our hearts mourn. Why does leaving have to be so hard some people leave and feel regret and others leaving feel free. When people leave our world goes dark for a while and everything appears gloomy. Soon as human line makes you forget it makes you move on to a the grief fade. But deep down there's a hole in your heart that person gave you when they left

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Broadcast 12 months ago at Lancaster, PA, USA
by Jessica's channel

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Tags: intrinsic motivation, education

You can lead(?) a horse to water but you can't make it drink appears to be the motto for a few of my students to my fourth grade class this year. There always seems to be a small handful of students in every class that(?) aren't motivated to do their(?) work now(?) matter how many times you remind them and(?) force punishments or report other students for doing their homework. It seems that there's always those students who just won't complete their work on time. Somehow the students constantly have missing assignments or hand in unacceptable work teacher frustration quickly settled in in the(?) hopelessness begins it seems like the students have been pulled from(?) miles(?) along the water(?) edge but still do not want to drink the water. Is there(?) something wrong with the students must(?) there's(?) something wrong with the water. Maybe the(?) water(?) looks to be on drinkable maybe the completion of work is not appetite enough for students(?) to continually(?) hand(?) in late assignments. Students need to want(?) to do something in order to.

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This is Cindy Grace and I think I chose a Facebook confidential note on teen movies by David Denby. Denby begins with a long description of a typical American teenage film. You can immediately make a connection with the readers that watch these extremely popular movies. Denby's question on page seven ten set up these arguments. He claims movies on that because that's brought and really emotional and so may comes would produce anything that with their audience. Denby explained that ___ different from reality. Movies portray how things be on that and how they actually happened. I was forced to think on my own school which made me agree with Denby's conclusion. ___ middle school ___ there's classic or nerds or jock. If it weren't for these teenage girls appears would have never identified these different groups or given them negative connotations. Therefore perhaps it's not real life that it's influencing these movies but these films that have influenced their life and change ___ to each other and that's a part of the essay that made me

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Broadcast about a year ago
by Elyas's channel

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Tags: face guard, burly man, mid field

___ minutes left in the second half the defense is blocking the opposing. There what we've been waiting a turn over the ball is passed from left to right and back to left then to me meetings the pass at mid field on the right hand side. I was open no coverage for at least twenty yards and I took advantage of it. I went to meet the pass cut it and turned. There I was met a by burly(?) man of six feet five inches and roughly three hundred and fifty pounds it appears out of thin air I was hit. It hit me across my helmet my face guard splinters(?) and cut on my bare cheeks at that moment I begun to fall background and realize something bad was about to happen the helmet hit off the ground then my head then nothing everything went black. Like someone have just turned off the lights and I didn't expect what to expect from there.

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Broadcast about a year ago at Rutland, KS, USA
by Jarry's channel

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Tags: american dream, enough money, driving force

This I believe, I believe in providing what's the best for my family. What's truly best is not always like appears to be the best. We live in America the land of the free and the home of the brave the home of the American dream. Not to say that the American dream is all bad but I think that in our society living in a nice house and driving in a nice car and being able to provide our children with enough toys and gadgets to keep them happy has become too much of a driving force. An effort to provide enough monetarily(?) to their families it seems that many fathers and mothers are in fact depriving their children of what they truly want the most. Their parents. If I'm spending so much time at work trying to earn enough money to provide for my family that I'm spending hardly any time with them am I really helping them? I've got a good friend that told me about a revelation that he received one day several years ago. In the midst of a

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 Image (273015) image uploaded on 11-01-13
Broadcast about a year ago at Central City, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
by The Mike The Janitor Experience

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Tags: mike the janitor, sick, flu

Mike The Janitor appears to be feeling better after being ill for over 10 days. Here he shares some graphic detail of what he has been going through.

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