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Broadcast 2 years ago
by Melissa's phlog

Tags: liquid outer core, peach skin, upper mantle

This is unit 2 lesson 3 moving plates. Starting on, I will start reading on page 3. Inside Earth is layered. If you cut a peach in half you'll see a seed in the middle the fruity part that you eat and the fuzzy thin skin. Earth has 3 main layers too. The Earth's crust is thin like the peach skin. It varies in thickness to about a 100 kilometers deep and is made up of pieces called plates. Next is the mantle like the fruity part of the peach. It is 2900 kilometers thick and it is divided into the lower and upper mantle. The upper mantle is called the athenasphere(?). The core is like the peach seed. It's made of nickel and iron. It's 3480 kilometers in diameter and has ___ liquid outer core and a solid inner core. For more details see pages 54 through 55 of your reference guide. The energy from the core induces interactions between the layers.

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