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 Image (1670331) image uploaded on 25-02-14
Broadcast about a month ago at College Downs, Charlotte, NC, USA
by Ms.Boysko's channel

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The book if you give a pig a party is about a pig that is getting ready for a party.

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 Image (116359) image uploaded on 18-11-13
Broadcast 2 months ago at Stroitelnyy rayon, Yakutsk, Sakha, Russia
by Pole of Cold Expedition 2013

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Hello Paul we're in the tiny town of Ritham(?) on the banks of the River Lena and it's about a 1000 kilometres of or more from south of Yakutsk and perhaps a 1000 kilometres or more from north of Lake ___. It really is kind of the definition of the middle of nowhere in the middle of Siberia. But it's quite a lively little town considering how far it is from anywhere and we came into town not knowing where we were gonna stay but we asked around and then we went into a shop and we asked then a taxi driver who was passing by and wanted to look at the Defender he said oh well I'll show you where the hotel in town is and he brought us to a tiny little hotel and so we've booked in cos it's the only place to stay here and it turns out that it's where everyone comes to have a party and it's Friday night in Ritham(?) so there's 2 parties going on here tonight so.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 months ago
by Rachel's channel

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Stole Ryan's card after a party full of close friends and got a £50 taxi home. day after Boxing Day

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 Image (116359) image uploaded on 18-11-13
Broadcast 3 months ago at Camaguey, Cuba
by Pole of Cold Expedition 2013

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Oh Happy New Year. Happy 2014 to you everybody out there for the whole whole team. Hope you had a lovely party. We certainly had a unique new year. We spend our resources in new year in republic of Cuba and a cactus CC and it was it was definitely get interesting as they've got some fireworks and we spent the day in the Cocotel(?) as well that ring a bit about fever and it's really cold here. It's been minus 25 all day. So we successfully shake winter because we've been sort of just a few degrees below zero we crossed the ___ bulk of Russia but now we're going a little bit further South. Fever all ok I'll catch you in a big valley I got mountains on either side of it and it's quite high. So the temperature is just promises and it's not really impressive we can tell this cool out ___ to mountain rangers and make things really really cold. But I don't know first day of 2014 ___

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 Image (34298) image uploaded on 22-04-13
Broadcast 4 months ago at Brunswick West VIC, Australia
by The Perfect Pilates Podcast

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Last podcast for 2013! Xmas party this Friday night, then final classes for the year on Saturday...we re-open on Monday January 6.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 4 months ago at 3, WV, USA
by Jesica's channel

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 Image (684763) image uploaded on 28-08-13

On this episode, Patrick Brantlinger talks about his book States of Emergency. Using a mixture of journalism, satire, and theory, Brantlinger addresses many of the most pressing issues of our time, including neoliberal economists, the Tea Party movement, gun culture, immigration, the war on terror, and more.

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 Image (538288) image uploaded on 28-06-13

What a full final day! We checked out of our Jaco Beach hotel and took a true "scenic" trip back to our original San Jose hotel in preparation for our Boston return tomorrow. In between we stopped to see a huge croud of crocodiles from atop a bridge (at a safe distance); took a planned detour to a roadside souvenir store; traveled to the top of Poas volcano's crater rim; had lunch and an informative tour of the Dokas Coffee Plantation; then finally arriving to our San Jose hotel. We're now being treated to dinner, music and dancing by our tour organizers and Costa Rican hosts. All in all, a glorious musical and cultural experience was had by all here -- and we are profoundly grateful. Pura Vida!!!

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