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Broadcast 10 months ago at Sherwood Park, AB, Canada
by Terra-Lee's channel

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Tags: memory aids, podcast

In this podcast I will be reviewing a variety of memory aids that will enhance your own memory or that of your students. Imagine you are a fourth grader and you're asked to spell the word GEOGRAPHY. For some it may be easy to spell but for others it could be a challenge. What if I told you there's a trick that can help you with spelling geography? Would it interest you know more? I bet it would! Listen to the following phrase and pay attention to the first letter of each word. George Eats Old Gray Rats And Paints Houses Yellow. Sounds pretty funny but as you learn to remember the sentence you will also learn that when put together all the first letters to spell "geography". This is called an Acrostic and it is just one strategy of enhancing one's memory by remembering a list of items in order. A second strategy is called an acronym where the word is formed by the initial letters

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___ I don't want to get out early. The fourth graders didn't come yet. Not often do you hear students disappointed about early dismissal. But this was a case with my class hosted room two O one the Dinosaur Museum. I'm Jackie Wakins(?) second grade teacher and this is the short story of our very exciting project. Dinosaur's are always a high interest second grade science students so I decided to integrated many other areas as I could this year. During writing we were learning how to research and writing on fiction. Students picks their own dinosaur to research. I give them foreheading(?) with the gather information or ___ taking notes transferring their data into sentence form and typing a dinosaur brochure taking handout at museum. Next students design and paints to the habitat for their dinosaur shoot(?).

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Tom's phlog

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Tags: beautiful day, paints, little bit

So this is me checking out the quality of ipadio. I'm on the roof of my office. Looking around it's a beautiful day. I can see Centre Point over there and the city if you looking behind me. So yeah quite sunny little bit of traffic noise other than that there's not much breeze and yeah thank you and good night.

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James O'Malley: From Your Own Correspondent - channel image uploaded on 28-May-10

Hello we just being see the film Battle LA which I believe is out today or yesterday. I thought it was one of the most complex ___ moving films I've ever seen. It was like a brilliant Saphire on American near colonial ambition. This time but in an ironic twist for the America was the under dog to ___ alien invaders. An interesting like the American near colonial expeditions which is so much so cleverly and so thoroughly satirizes. It's paints the anime of some sort of what a soul is and you just have to ___ isn't human they say. And one of the scenes that's just comes out one of the fear of the many many complex pieces of dialog that beautifully crafted wonderful script is the characters keep saying there's a big ___ by having to make that call and says go left go right it doesn't matter. I think now what's common for on American

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Broadcast 3 years ago at Farm to Market 219, Hico, TX 76457, USA
by Palesa's phlog

Tags: thinker bell, butterfly butterfly, fairy tale

12345. ___ and this is called Thinker Bell and the great fairy rescue. They're takes charge. Thinker Bell and some friends all bring summers(?) to the main land. Fairy(?) and Thinker Bell fly to Fairy Tale. This is where the fairy take care for summer. One fairy paints(?) lovely mindful(?) a butterfly butterfly's wing. Other fairies teach cricket to sing everyone is so busy benevole(?) King is charge bye.

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Broadcast 3 years ago
by Anthony's phlog

Interview with Sigma Paints

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Broadcast 3 years ago
by Adam's phlog

Tags: changing graphics, slug, imagery

Ok my 5th slug is on Travis about lost software and hardware as used for changing graphics and say software these things like that photoshops, paints, skimp(?) all and most on the free view you have a trial someone with free gen pen paint dot net and paint obviously comes with windows and then for hardware you know stuff like graphics tubwares(?) or like a scanner or whatever. Stuff with just add each imagery that's already been made and there you are. That's pretty much well.

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