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___ help you. May I speak with the operations manager please. For me. Office manager please. Yes who's calling. Sean Filmore. You're calling from. I just had some questions I'm lastly looking had developed a software application and wanted to see if I can talk from office ___ and get some feedback from him. If you like you can go ahead and send some information over to the mailbox and I can forward it. Ok that's fine. It's mailbox at ___ Landscaping dot com. Ok perfect I'll send it over. Alright thank you. Thank you bye bye.

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We're ready to rock dear Jane. I am indeed yes. I was just gonna take you ___. Ok so I was doing ___ again you know the rules if you make mistakes you can do it again. I'm not saying ___ enthusiastic it's because I'm gonna be probably reach out I'll record everything in audio if there's any way. Ok so I'm going to ___ today I was speaking with Jane Barrens(?) it's ___ isn't it. That's exactly right yes. Ok from Gymnastics Victoria that the financing operations manager role. Welcome Jane how are you today. Very well thank you and looking forward to getting a new financing operations manager. That you are that you are, so how ___ about it, is it a replacement role or is it a new ___ position. This is a replacement role. The position absolutely ___ organization and originated from the financial controls position. But if you go

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