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 Image (672923) image uploaded on 23-08-13
Broadcast 8 months ago at Westfield, MA, USA
by Keeping it Real About Real Estate

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Well it this and I'll open house might be fine, listen to find out what Lesley Lambert of Park Square Realty recommends.

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Broadcast 9 months ago
by carma's channel

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Tags: extra credit, head start, comet

Hello Chap Plus and I hope you enjoyed our break pick. I have a lot of homework comet at in so I'm glad you guys took advantage of it. Just a reminder tonight is Friday night and we're having our midterm open house. It is at eight o'clock and we'll run for an hour till nine o'clock please comet in and get type of point for extra credit and if you have any questions or anything you need to ask me you or your parents please fell free to do that then you do not have to state the whole hour to check in make sure gets your name out and that will count for your five extra credit point as you probably noticed Unified is open but you do not have to start working on it until Monday. I opened it early and take triple one to get a head start or I had a few students heading out of town next week. Extra oh for extra credit for this phone cap at the Podcast(?) I wanna know what is the most

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Broadcast about a year ago at North Campus, Albuquerque, NM, USA
by Ashley's channel

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Tags: mrs moore, free admission, google

Taco your future as Google(?) Technology Center North Campus open house Wednesday October. seventeenth(?) you can. Specialize your training for free while still in high school. School Technology Center North Campus give you the powerful tools needed to talk with your future an exciting career tail gate party will be here at the North Campus starting(?) on October. seventeenth(?) from six p.m(?). to eight p.m(?). Enjoy free hot dog and drink during your visit and students. Don't forget about our school of Technology Center North Campus all craft show on November tenth two thousand and twelve from nine a.m(?). to two p.m(?). students in need of community service hours for graduation should see mrs(?). Moore(?). Now don't forget. We'll(?) have over fifty vendors have free admission.

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Dr. Princess-O`dilia's phlog - phlog (30925) image uploaded on 20-Sep-10
Broadcast about a year ago
by Dr. Princess-O`dilia's phlog

Tags: sarry, lito, open house

Hi hi Michelle. How are you. Hello Lito(?) how are you. I'm doing great. Yes first of all. Let me just Darren calling on behalf of the city of South Ville. I and I'm calling you near me not be aware of fit yourself. There was having a hassle schedule a real estate open house to June 23rd and 24th. Have you heard about that. No I haven't. If so they say it's a great event. Affected us as an event last year and this year. We will have a a Sarry designated on the man.

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 Image (115222) image uploaded on 11-12-11

Mike The Janitor has spent several hours with his mother playing tennis on her Nintendo Wii. While he was there, he walked up the street from his mom's place to go to an open house and take the first step in buying his very first home.

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Broadcast 2 years ago
by Antoinette's channel

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Introduction Hello and I would like to welcome you to Miles Elementary School and your fifth grade class! My name is Mrs. Jackson and I will be your teacher this year. We will takethe first step of your fifth grade journey as we meet you and your family at our Open House. We will take many more steps together on our trip as we work to have a school year filled with adventures, interactive learning and many wonderful memories. I am so looking foward to working with you and your family as we partner together to make your fifth grade year successful. I hope that you are as excited as I am to begin this fantastic voyage.

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Hello Middle School. This is Mr Cher. I'd like you to know that we're be getting a phone cast. Here at Mina(?) Middle School. Just wanted to let you know we'll be using this opportunity to give you information. Students also parents we'll be giving you some feedback on what your kids are doing at school from teachers from students from anybody around campus. Looking forward to a great year at MMS(?). We're planning to do our best kids are gonna expect the best. We're gonna act our best and we're looking forward to an awesome year this year. We're actually gonna be having open house today and later on you'll be hearing from some of our students hopefully about what their expectations are what they're looking forward to the school what they like. It's gonna be a great year this year and we're excited about having 6th 7th and 8th grade all back together again

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I wanted to remind everybody that Pray(?) Grove(?) Intermediate School will have it's open house on Monday August 8th at meeting at 6:00pm. We'll have a small short orientation at the beginning of the session and then we'll go to the classrooms. Hope to see you then. Thank you. Goodbye.

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Broadcast 2 years ago
by Palesa's phlog

Tags: high school baseball, kind of face, open house

___ Hi my name is Olet(?) and I'm in Open House for both ___ both the high school baseball. Hey bring me ___ bring Jamie, Jamie and Paul, Paul ASAP and George too, how, know and ___ leave to set it with me. A good thing to bank to bank about his what, kind of face.

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Broadcast 3 years ago
by Daniel's phlog

Tags: travel ways, math class, little woman

Hello Christy, Tino(?) Mr Silvan this is Dan, Pollock(?) and I'm responded to Simon about party or how we got a open house but please go at the sounds pretty blown away by this technology be no never done a pad cast or anything like that so see a little woman(?) this is actually out there. As far as using this thing my Math class teaching special in Algebra. I can see you in that travel ways I guess the first way would be that some sort of tutorial where I could you know describe the process to solve and see something like system of equation or something like that but I think ___

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