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usamimi74's phlog - phlog (26850) image uploaded on 29-Jan-11
Broadcast 3 years ago at Maryville, MO 64468, USA
by usamimi74's phlog

Tags: north west missouri, language competition, language day

Will, good morning. It's about 7:20am Central Time here in Doreet(?) and we are heading to the University of Maryville North West Missouri University for a Foreign Language Day and Foreign Language Competition. I'm pretty excited about taking a 29 students with us. Both from the French and Spanish group for a wonderful ___ the task, it's been a interesting experience it looks a pretty good job for doing it in section. It looks like this year on the program we have a several options karaoke, cooking, culture experience craft day and of course we always end the day with our fantastic Cris Bowl(?). A lot of pressure Cameron(?) Art School took their trophy home for the last 3 years so we're really hoping to be able to bring it back with us again this year. You know the kids are pretty excited this run quite a bit.

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Barbara's phlog - phlog (28880) image uploaded on 30-Jul-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at Daviess, MO, USA, US
by Bellgoebel's phlog

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Tags: north west missouri, world travelers, home tomorrow

Well good morning it is a gorgeous morning little bit over 70 degrees here in North West Missouri. Our world travelers are spending their last day actually they are probably about winding up their last day in Barcelona. Tomorrow is coming home today so they'll be having an Odyssey of probably 20 hours before it's all over with. I think they're supposed to get home tomorrow night, well Thursday morning actually, about 1:00. I've been thinking more and more about how to use ipadio in the classroom, and I think my original idea for using broadcast like this as a tool for spelling and dictation I'm really liking how that's developing. I do need to figure out how to make

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