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Broadcast about a year ago
by Adam's phlog

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Tags: nice night, nice time, love

___ hey I'm just trying something I forgot my recorder in the office. I have an interview. And so I downloaded this after and I had to try it it's a test so this is ___ ok. Everything ok? Everything is fine. Ok. Everything's fine. We had a nice night and love to having you there. Hope you had a nice time. Wish ___ little nicer. But ___ alright.

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 Image (167343) image uploaded on 16-06-12
Broadcast about a year ago
by Live Event Podcasts

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Tags: peavy, nice time, mckenna

Sophie McKinna chats after winning the junior women's shot with a PB, Championship Best and World Junior qualifying mark of 16.16m at the England Athletics Aviva U20 & U23 World Trials & Championships in Bedford on 16 June 2012.

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 Image (45271) image uploaded on 25-02-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Downtown, Tampa, FL, USA
by Walk Breaks

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Tags: memorial day weekend, nice time, memorial day

Good morning my friends. This is just Norm and yes I am returning back to work on Tuesday May the 29th 2012. My vacation is over. I was gonna say my short vacation is over but it was just about long enough. I feel kinda ready to go back to work. I've not worked since the 18th of this month so it's been about 11 days stretch and that's about ___ have to go, I I feel like my batteries are are somewhat recharged, not completely but somewhat recharged and nice time over in Orlando with my family and children, all about some local activities around done(?) ___ and finished it up with Memorial Day weekend. I, another pod cast last week and

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 Image (100755) image uploaded on 03-10-11

Hi guys, well at the moment we're at the Glade(?) we're at Glademont(?) Community School and we're in the IT room and we just been learning how to use Berry(?) Book(?) so just the functions of the Berry(?) Book and how to direct in a different places and we've had a real blast and we met really wonderful IT teacher and we just had a fantastic time. We just come back from lunch and now we're just playing around with Berry(?) Books and trying to control them and it's just been a wonderful time and ___ consisted many talented and just learned so many things and hopefully when we get back to Surreylane(?) we can we can teach you guys some of the skills we learned. Hope you're having a nice time.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago
by shaun's phlog

Tags: happy new year, nice time, new year

Hello Happy Happy New Year. As we posting something on my journal this morning it was just a voice post say Happy New Year and I hope everyone has had a nice time. I had nice time myself. 6:00pm out here. People usually have resolution at this time. I have a few. Get a job as one of them. Do like piano intact in pieces and I need to do a real hang at at job. That's it for now.

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Zen Runner's phlog - phlog (4436) image uploaded on 13-Jul-09
Broadcast 3 years ago at 10-24 Congress St, Boston, MA 02109, USA

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Tags: little triangle, cold snap, beautiful evening

Wellman hello there my friends who would like to listen to my phone cast. This is the Zen Runner talking to you through Facebook. You clicked on that little triangle or maybe you're subscribed to Hear Zen Run. Hey, it's a beautiful evening. Wow, it's warmed up quite a bit. We had a bit of a cold snap. I must apologize to Nik and Dan from 4 Feet Running, came all the way down from Boston and was probably the coldest week we've had since January, but I'm sure they had a nice time visiting beautiful Florida. The only pocket(?) that was above freezing man. The whole country is in an ice box, but it's starting to warm up again today. Actually reaching the mid 70's and it's just still be nice to sit and comfortable throughout the weekend but other than that cold snap. Well it's fun and refreshing after a while. Oh man, I don't know what

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Nickaway's beach phlog - phlog (17799) image uploaded on 05-Feb-10
Broadcast 4 years ago
by Nickaway's beach phlog

Tags: water raft, nice time, broadway

Good morning mate this is Nickelway(?). I'm on the South side of Pacaree(?) this morning well ___. Driving here at the moment. I'm gonna report here about a 6, little cloudy here about a 5 to 6 as well. Got a strong Northwest last show(?) at the minute turn about 20mi an hour plus so it's really staying at top of the water raft. However we do have a great forecast so the weekend is looking really good. Sunny sunny sunny it's gonna be sunny. Should be a nice time to be down the beach and the spring by you see that a lot of fun. Anyhow this report is brought to you by Nickelway(?) and sponsored by Odum office ___ in the universe and Broadway USA dot com. You have a great day.

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