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Hi this is Randall and I wanna (want to) talk just briefly about New Years Day and in our family, my wife and I are pretty boring; we don't go out so late in the evening we don't go to parties. We generally play games and go to bed quite early. We're always concerned about traffic or crazy drivers out there. At the beginning of the new year often and people set new goals maybe trying to lose weight or trying to get in shape and often when people fail to reach their goals they become very discouraged. In my opinion, rather than trying to set up a new goals at the beginning and then quickly failing, why not you each day as a new beginning so whether you're in March or June or January, wherever, that you can set new goals and try to reach them and if it doesn't work out start again. That's all for now.

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 Image (42525) image uploaded on 29-12-11

Hi this is Randall. Today's thought is the following, the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary. Often times students ask me what is the best way to learn a language and I think there are 3 things. Number one, one of the challenges is that students need to realize what it is and what it means to be a student. Studying languages takes time. No. 2 be proactive, not reactive. Pro active means that you plan ahead, you have goals. Reactive means if you fail a class then you get upset and nothing can be solved in that case. And the last thing is is take responsibility for your own learning. If you fail accept the responsibility and then make progress and set new goals. Thanks.

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