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 Image (601216) image uploaded on 23-07-13
Broadcast 9 months ago at Swindon, UK
by Christ Church Swindon's channel

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A service of traditional Anglican evensong led by Revd Daphne Hardwick and Margaret Williams. Music by Mudd,Robert Jones,Noble and Charles Wood

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Broadcast 10 months ago
by year's channel

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 Image (363499) image uploaded on 30-03-13
Broadcast about a year ago at Southampton, UK
by Steve's channel

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Muddy dog walk ... first upload.

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Broadcast about a year ago at Crook, OR, USA
by Stacy 's channel

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Tags: rivers and mountains, severe storms, dangerous adventure

Pack your wagons and get ready to travel on the Oregon Trail. You and your family are leaving all that you know behind in order to head out West for New Life in Oregon territory. This will be an exciting yet dangerous adventure. You will encounter dust, mud, severe storms, illness and accidents. You may run low on supplies if you didn't pack well or be forced to make difficult decisions about what to leave behind if you over pack your wagon. You will have to take your wagons across plains, rivers and mountains and you may even encounter Indians. So make sure you have items to trade in order to keep track of all of your experiences on the trail. I'm giving you your very own journal write about your daily life and the joys and sorrows of your journey to Oregon. Such an experience should be recorded for future generations to read. So ready your wagons and begin your journey. Wagons ho.

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 Image (31931) image uploaded on 08-05-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Christchurch Central, Christchurch, New Zealand
by Save the Children Australia Podcast

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Tags: Save the Children, aid workers, simulate

Four Save the Children aid workers flew to Indonesia this month to respond to the aftermath of a major cyclone, mudslides and flooding. Save the Children’s intense simulated emergency scenarios tested the mettle of the Australian workers to respond to the needs of children and adults affected by disaster. Senior Emergency Advisor Stephen McDonald talks with ABC News Radio about the live training exercises that took place at a training facility on the outskirts of Semarang, east of Jakarta.

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Broadcast about a year ago
by Joseph's channel

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Tags: gold and silver, mud, mint

Depending on gold and silver mint the wind from Himest(?) feet was weird and retard(?) like sea blow away he released from day to us knocken(?) birthday(?) on from his love track and mud(?) another way it's about myself out going in the noon on mud(?) I'm dying(?) I must get a song.

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Broadcast 2 years ago at Logan, UT, USA
by chrusch's channel

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Tags: dr john dee, josh newman, fantasy books

Hi, I'm Colin, hi I'm Brian, hi I'm Logan, and we are going to talk about the secrets of the Immortal(?) Nicholas Plumel(?) Series. The, in the beginning when Sophie Newman, looks out the coffee shop window and Josh Newman looks at the book shelf window and see he's gone, mud people and Dr John Dee. Nicholas and Dr John Dee, thought using magic, recommend it to, we recommend this book to whoever would like to read about Alchemy(?) or whoever would like to read about fantasy books. This has been may ___ talk(?).

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Broadcast 2 years ago at E 11 - United Arab Emirates
by Petiza's channel

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Tags: CEM, customer experience management in telecoms, customer experience management

Good afternoon. Today you will be interviewing Mrs Wafa(?) Hamudi(?) director of customer care at Seying(?) Sudan(?). Wafa(?) will be speaking at I Q P C customer experience management in Telecom Summit taking place from 18 to 21 of March at the Amrirouge(?) Natad(?) Hotel Tabar(?) UAE. Wafa(?) has an extensive experience in deploying expective(?) customer in oriented strategies, managing and motivating lots of teams within leading telecom industries. She graduated in 2001 with PSD(?) honor decree in community health management and in 2007 she became a member of the Chartered Institute of Personal and Development in UK.

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1956 Batners(?) ___ three boys decide to go camping in the woods by a swamped a swamped called the Wooley(?) Swamped it was given that name with the old French settlers who was said to be protected by the Wooley(?) creatures that might be up to get them. Actually kept most things away was the now rusty barb wire fences with the alligators and for whatever was unfortunate enough to survive that had to survive the quick sand pockets carried all over the swamp. But the three boys refused to believe in the tales as such and they were determined to spend all weekend with as much as with so much of the ___ swamp. There's an old ___ less than half away less than a quarter of a bottle of Landpole(?). The three boys had driven their car as far as they needed to go with down the ___ trail that was once an old log road. The mud was just too thick to drive through about three miles down the trail but this time they were going as far as they could possibly go. They knew that they didn't want to walk down

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