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Broadcast 2 years ago
by James's channel

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Tags: sister in law, nephew, miss mary

Hi miss Mary, how are you doing today? I'm doing fine. How are you? I'm doing fine. Thank you. Mary you know last conversation, you talked a lot about your nephew and your sister in law and how things were going with with them and what they were you know trying to work out, what you had hope to They could work out in their situation. But you know I was wondering cos I have to do another live recording. I was wondering if if you don't mind would you like to share something with me concerning yourself and how things are going with you. And if so I want you to know that.

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Edgemere Morning Announcements - phlog (27922) image uploaded on 08-May-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at El Paso, TX, USA, US
by Edgemere Morning Announcements

Tags: bilingual literacy, literacy night, office today

Thursday May the 20th and it's a beautiful day outside. Here is your Edgemere news round up. Teachers please turn in parent survey forms to the office today. We will have a grade level meetings in the Rotunda during teachers conferences. Today is the last day of tutoring sessions for the year. Please submit your tutoring roaster to the office. The C E I C meeting will begin at 4:00pm in the Rotunda. The bilingual literacy night has been rescheduled to June 2nd. Please send student transfer request forms to Miss Mary in the office today.

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