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Oxfam's phlog - phlog (33591) image uploaded on 02-Dec-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at 9919-10007 Hwy 92, Mountain Iron, MN 55768, USA
by Oxfam America: Speak Up For Haiti

Tags: sherwood minnesota, outbreak of cholera, mary theresa

Hi my name is Mary Theresa Downing. I'm the home maker from Sherwood Minnesota. I'm calling to ask you to stand with the people of Haiti and support them as we promised we would after the earthquake. There are lots of people in groups like us we're working to help the people there but they need a lot of help with from our specialists since there is an outbreak of cholera(?) as you all know. Thank you so much. I hope that you will do the right thing and help these people by spending some money that will go along way. Thank you.

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