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Broadcast 2 years ago
by Morgan's phlog

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Tags: main topics, kayla

Hey Kayleen, it's Morgan. So I'm just gonna go over these questions real quick. I believe Kayla don't meaning for the students by asking questions to engage them and she related the questions to the students line by at all she talked about the main topics of the story and got been thinking about what they reviewing with the lights went out and stuff like that and really she will she gave a students time to tell their stories and get interested on the topics she understands make prediction by looking at the pictures in the book going through all of them and without reading any other words and she had to think it's predict if they got the lights are going to come back on or not and it would be glad. Having them look at the pictures got them reading actively and thinking about what they're reading

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Broadcast 2 years ago at Les Bons Villers, Belgium
by Linda's channel

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Tags: teenage health, healthy lifestyle, optimal health

Hi everyone. You're about to embark into an area that is that is important to every human being. Yes that's right. This study is health. There are many benefits to having a healthy lifestyle and gaining knowledge to understand how you're body works. And you know once you will be enter into four main topics. This main topics include teenage health. Health and Wellness. Your community and health. Having a healthy lifestyle. Within this unit you will learn the six Components of healthy risk factors behavior so either help you obtain optimal health all those that laid to less than optimal health and many other sub topics. Each topic contains a lesson and assignment review content learn and a quiz each of ___ well also contain a unit test. There will also be a number ___.

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Hey Morgan, this is Molly. I'm just calling and to ask some of the questions were reading. Hey the first way of mainly(?) that Gala address like meaning for the book rejection(?) was she got them thinking about the main topics. She asked them questions about like what they're doing the power goes out so that they can relate to the story and they ___ stories about when the power went out their house and lighting candles and stuff like that and she had them at predictions but I was looking at the pictures and by the pictures there I was tell what's gonna happen and looking at the pictures and also to tell you what the saying is like and we can look at the words like the

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