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Nickaway's beach phlog - phlog (17799) image uploaded on 05-Feb-10

Morning mate Nick Away South Side of Packery(?) this morning. We got a Southeast a little bit more East wind I'd say 15 20mi there you got 4 sets 5 sets gone high term out there 4 5 front maybe a bit more. No new wind water clarity is way down. We're gonna put it at the 3. Have I call in say the color change out there. Driving gonna put down in a 5 over cast we had some rain. Anyhow lovely morning have a great day. This is Nick Away from Break Away. This report is brought to you by Break Away USA dot com and Nick Away media dot com at Nick Away dot com. Have a great day. Wanted to know what the beach is like. Break away does a daily beach report Monday to Friday. This reports are sponsored by Spoon Alert. Reach out and touch him with Spoon as long cast in worms. Fish. G

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ben capozzi's phlog - phlog (28689) image uploaded on 11-Jun-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at Halifax, VA, USA, US
by ben capozzi's phlog

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Tags: cleveland brown, lovely morning, hey guys

Hello all you sexy people out there in our Padio(?) land. It's me again. I'm calling this morning to capture my lovely morning voice which is about as close to Berry White cos I can get. Actually is kinda close to a modified Cleveland Brown from the Cleveland Show, kinda all of that, I'll ___. But anyhow this is a the deep morning voice that is fantastic and you can you can achieve a lower not, a lower active(?) is that what that's called I'm not really sure. I'm sure Berry White would know, but I don't. But anyhow just wanted to capture that before it was gone it's kinda fun you can do. You know you gonna really do that deep morning voice in the morning is not you know kinda after 3:00 and you had a stressful day, you know hey guys don't

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Almerimar Life Phlog's - phlog (3919) image uploaded on 05-Jul-09
Broadcast 4 years ago at Almería, AL, España, ES
by Audio

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Tags: yachting community, volcanic ash, lovely morning

A look ahead at this weeks events

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phlog (484) image uploaded on 26-Apr-09

This is Liz you might have a lovely morning I'm up in Phony(?) Hall with Cathy of Rhythm Time and Rhythm Time have raised over 5000 pounds with chosen child. She's the ___ VP Jay park is a fantastic organization and Cathy is gonna tell you all about it. Hello I started this ___ 15 years ago and I'm music teacher and my fashion is music and I belief in music is, is fundamental it can help in development specially in a baby when they're very small it helps make an important brain connection specially in that first year. Music is fundamental to a child development and stimulates both parts of the brain the logical and the creative so there's nothing like quite music and specially if children had been brain damage as well it can help to stimulates the connection in the brain. We have an over 10000 children come along to Rhythm Time every week.

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Mark's phlog - phlog (141) image uploaded on 15-May-09
Broadcast 4 years ago
by Mark's phlog

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Tags: ipadio

Another lovely morning - bits of work on ipadio over the weekend affecting service.

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