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 Image (45678) image uploaded on 11-03-12

Hey Rudy, it's me Rod. And we're down in here phone casting here for the first time well I just it's the second time. The first time actually from from my mobile phone here in the truck this morning. So I'll be brief. I just was listening to the radio a little bit here as I'm driving and had a thought crossed my mind I thought you know I'm gonna I'm gonna share it quickly because it's driving me freaking insane and has been ever since yesterday. I'm sure all of you have probably heard of the controversy about rushing on ball(?) in the birth control calling to check a slut and the prostitute and I just wasn't doing another now and, on a completely different subject and watching Facebook and then and some of the arguments and not even just this argument but but somehow Andrew break right passed away last week and then people arguing about what his legacy will be. I wanna see what some people put on the internet and post. I wanna hear with some

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 Image (64332) image uploaded on 08-03-11
Broadcast 3 years ago at 2651 Old Richardson Hwy, North Pole, AK 99705, USA
by Lisa's phlog

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Tags: winter spring summer, oliver the other reindeer, wrapping presents

Oliver the other reindeer. By giving you most(?) and say ___. Those trade(?) in for Jay out of Sybil(?). Read by Mrs De Angelo. Everyday Alice took her daily dog walk. Winter, spring, summer or fall. Today was winter day. It was a holiday. There was music playing outdoors. People we're singing along. All of the other reindeer. ___ to side just saying hmm she hums(?). Back at her dog house Oliver is wrapping presents and listening to the radio. She heard the same song again all of the other reindeer ___ the song all of the other reindeer. Olive sing along. Olive the reindeer said Olive. I thought it was a dog hmm that must be a reindeer. It was the time of year when all reindeer reported to the north pole

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