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Zen Runner's phlog - phlog (4436) image uploaded on 13-Jul-09

Hey best friends how are you on this fine Wednesday the middle of the week middle of summer if you're having a good time I hope so I just wanted to give you a quick update on some of the things that I'm gonna be doing this week cos be interesting ___ something's to check out some things to talk about a lot of things actually been busy this week so tomorrow I am hosting again ___ or guest toasting technically the tequila whisper ___ tequila whisperer(?) there's an extra E R in there they haven't had any Tequila but I guess something I know little about not nearly as much as the great lippy(?) the master the tequila master but he's asked me to get those while he took the vacation which is very kind and very wonderful lot of fun so tomorrow I will be, sampling ___

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