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Broadcast 3 years ago
by Wendy's phlog

Tags: biology class, nucleic acid, lipids

Hi everybody, it's Miss Price and I wanted to create this log for you today to just kinda give you some heads up what you're learning right now in biology class. What you're in the middle of is learning about the 4 basic macro molecules. Macro M A C R O means large. Micro means small like a microscope. The pre fix micro means small as it used to be a small specimen but macro M A C R O means big. These are the bigger molecules that make up your body and even though they are bigger they're still microscopic most of the time but there are 4 basic macro molecules that make up the human body and make up all living things even plant and these four macro molecules are lipids, protein, carbohydrates and nucleic acid and I want you to

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