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Abigail's phlog - phlog (2932) image uploaded on 09-Jun-09

Hello, Abigail here and it's the last day of Liberal Democrat Conference and I think it's been a really successful week. The 3 highlights I would probably select from the fringes I've been to. One was one by the National Autistic(?) Society and it was a discussion on world theraform(?) and we sat on a table with member of Parliament and talks about some of the issues that we've had with the world theraform(?) and we were over a table with John Leech and I spoke about some issues, there is of the employment and support allowance and also the concerns that a lot of disabled people have with differential reforms and the possible merger of disability living allowance and attendance allowance into a greater social care pot and the problems and this is of course many disabled people. Also went to a really great fringe which was the Every(?) Disable Child Matters fringe where they launch their young people's

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Jamie's phlog - phlog (2684) image uploaded on 05-Jun-09

Hello, this is Jamie Roberts from the local campaign with ___ she's joined me live from Bowmer Sea Front ___ and then our training session Who's Vote Are You Missing at the Liberal Democrat Conference 2009. The aim of this session was to raise awareness of the ways in which local councilor(?) and let individuals to make their campaign and it could be more accessible to disabled people with the aim of increasing disabled people's involvement in politics. All in all the event was a huge success with some very good feedback. However en route to, en route to the training venue our progress was stilt by the fact that the ___ broke down so at the last minute we had to change the training venue with

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