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 Image (318872) image uploaded on 19-02-13
Broadcast about a year ago at Clark, ID, USA
by Chrid's channel

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Tags: english position, seal the deal, level students

"I Believe" Podcast.

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 Image (28043) image uploaded on 10-04-12
Broadcast 2 years ago at Barnet, Greater London, UK
by Barnet Southgate e-Learning

Tags: revision notes, ball pen, level students

One of Louise Dobson’s students - Laura O'Driscoll will be creating a series of podcasts from her revision notes.

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 Image (42525) image uploaded on 29-12-11

Randall here. Sometimes, students want to jump from level 2 to level 4 in a language program that is divided into levels. Let's say moving from level 2 grammar to level 4 grammar, feeling that by moving to a higher level they can progress quicker. However, I find several problems with this scenario. No. 1 many students who try to jump a level or skip a level often are missing important information from the level they skipped, and this causes and creates a lot of gaps because grammar is built on one concept after another. Number two most students want to study with others at the same or higher level, and they often feel held back if they have to study with lower level students and no. 3, as a teacher, if everyone's at the same level, I can progress and teach much faster.

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Brought to you by ipadio.

I've been looking at Orlicks(?) chapter 8 and 9 and then also going on to the model to teaching reading with the chapter 9 attaining concepts sharpening the basic thinking skills. So go ahead and start with it. Chapter 8 of Orlick(?) got small group discussions and cooperative learning and it seems like active listening teaching active listening incredibly very in a Math classroom like or even just I mean I never seen it happen but then also it's harder to do with the lower level students like freshman highs and I've said but it's nice to see how it could be done. Like I was to discussion groups looking at the types of discussion brings ___ to toro(?) task group those are more likely Math and I kinda seen those in Math but not I've never really seen those in in lower level Math classes then from there role playing simulation ___ pleasure like all the time.

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@music4uhumber Organisors On Educational Projects Fir This Years @musicportfest #musicport - phlogcast (44402) image 1 uploaded on 24-Oct-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK
by Mike Leigh Cooper: Passion for People and Stories

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Tags: Musicport, Bridlington, Music4u

Musicport has been working with Music4U - the Humber Region Action Zone - for the 3rd year running to provide music making opportunities for young people in the Humber Region. Supported by Humberside Police, this initiative provides an opportunity for young people to showcase their work as part of Musicport 2010. This year a group of 35 GCSE and 'A' level students from Headlands School and Community Science College in Bridlington worked with musicians from SAMAY whose musical style mixes Indian, samba, flamenco, jazz and funk. They will work together along with support from Leeds College of Music students, during the week leading up to Musicport and will rehearse three songs, which was performed on the main stage on Friday 22 October at 7pm to a receptive crowd. This first, for the first time, the school worked with its media students to capture the rehearsal process and the final performance. This can be seen on the Music4U blog and the 'Not Just Noise' website There was also an opportunity to hear world music performances from local community groups throughout the day on Saturday 23 October which included 'Steel the Rhythm' Steel Pan group from North East Lincolnshire, Escola De Chaos, samba procession group from Goole and a West African drumming and singing group from Hull..

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