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Broadcast 8 months ago
by Dan's channel

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 Image (15513) image uploaded on 18-07-11

In this phat ass phonecast, Mike The Janitor talks about the film "Avatar" with the lovely lady he's been dating, Adrian. But be patient because there is some technical issues at the beginning of this phonecast. So just hang tight for the lengthy conversation about the movie "Avatar".

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iPhone Phlog (11472) image uploaded on 23-Oct-09

Hello, I'm just on my way to Central Media and Business which is a conference in London and I've just had a train journey. I thought I'd try and get some sleep but that didn't happen and out of those 2 men sitting next to me who let me have a conversation for that shark(?), I think half an hour. I don't, I mean, I'm also from Ceasar Vernick(?) but half an hour of sharks(?), how, how did they managed that and then they somehow managed to both have a quite a lengthy conversation about the BMD's appearance and question time despite neither of them having actually watched it. Oh well.

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