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Students of Ms lovely's(?) painting class. All home work sketch assignments are due when return on s on Monday. This people will be learning about new artist. Who am I. I'll give you a few hint. I was born in Sander ___ on March 30th at 1853. My father was a Protestant pastor and I do started to ___ at first to become a pastor. I got these from the current nervous crisis and hallucinations. I cut off my left ear or part of it. One of my most recommendable(?) pieces is ___ night. Who am I place you're answering in your sketch book and received ___ credit when you turn your book in on Monday. Have a great weekend.

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 Image (69801) image uploaded on 01-04-11
Broadcast 3 years ago
by TheDailyExcrement

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Tags: left ear, earings, excrement

Welcome to the Daily Excrement(?). My name is Rod and I always broadcast here from my truck. Thanks to ipadio and the internet. Let's see what's happening today. It's not a whole lot actually you could hear out of the left ear has been for the sample story supper(?) progressing quite nicely so I gotta give two thumbs up the old soccer bill Carille(?) the man knew what he was doing. He did a good job with that so anyway I can actually hear get that that hey I tell you what you never realized how much take your earings for granted so you lose earing in one ear and for me I guess my ears are probably the most use target second from my eye only my eyes and most use thing in my body on my body.

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 Image (34459) image uploaded on 03-07-13

Hey everybody, it's Rod back here on ___. Back to my little excursion to doctors. Wow is that a cute(?) bomb hey mighty got some ear for that one wow. I'm only back from the doctor in Fargo that ___. Dr Belisario(?) and Dr Frit for my left ear yeah wow what an experience. First off lemme see a Dr Frit to give ___ any time. Just gimme effective meal my next day, very nicely dressed not your ___ doctor. He was the Auditory Specialist that give me my ___. Yeah I had a lone a sound proof room trust me the thoughts were ___ but definitely there.

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 Image (67755) image uploaded on 22-03-11

Hey everybody, it is Rod and this is, we can update to the ___. I am in my my personal vehicle right now. I'm not even in truck. I am driving. I am in my hometown of Valley City and I'm actually chasing Clint instead of not chasing him. I'm actually chasing him in his vehicle that he's supposed to get back to work. So I'll give you a little update here. Not in the truck stay for a number a reason was the doctor this morning. Had my ear looked at again if you'd been following along. With pod(?) cast here and the phone cast you know that's ___ my left ear and it's oozing clear stuff. It's a joke here. Oozing clear stuff but it don't stink but I don't know what is it. It's pugged(?) and it's it's raining really bad. So anyway still will have to see. That's why I'm not in the truck and that's why I'm doing what I'm doing right now. I'm just seeing what the hell you're looking at me.

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 Image (34459) image uploaded on 03-07-13

Everybody welcome to the Daily Escrimate(?). My name Rod and yeah I am as always in the seat of my of my truck my 18 wheeler my beautiful car whatever you wanna call it. Call it Sunflower(?) yeah that's my job that's what we do. Will finish up from the weekend at the Google(?) thing I did earlier this morning. Told everybody that I I can actually hear on my left ear again after I went to the doctor and had a bunch of ___ unknown substance removed from my left ear via a medical procedure ___. I do have a picture that. So I will put that up on the I Patio page here on with the forwarding blog that I did this morning I'll actually put that picture up of ___ I think that you really want to see it but hey what the hell I'll put it up there.

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jACKEt's 4th Dimension Pocket - phlog (27315) image uploaded on 01-May-10
Broadcast 3 years ago at Altes Rathaus
by jACKEt's 4th Dimension Pocket

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Tags: 4th dimension, great time, rose

Hello this is Jackie once again it's Jackie at 4th dimension pocket and this is the 2nd day ___ north of Saturday and today we mail offer friends today also high school and stuff and friends of Brian so we talked to a lot of people and things. We have a great time and that was me again it was Steph ___ Olive Rose were here but then they left early and we couldn't do it so Alicia and some are still here so we're so cool. Yeah ok Steph what do you think about today ___ the day or anything the event. It's cold right now. Yeah that's really cold it's like around what time is it right now it's 9:43 or so and we're outside and it's getting cold and we got kicked out like yesterday yeah and we have stay out on the cold or probably go to Double Tree maybe I don't know. Yeah probably we done that before. We staying out at Double Tree but it's the only thing is too cool or we'll be here till like 10:30 so

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