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 Image (332284) image uploaded on 02-03-13
Broadcast about a year ago at Central City, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
by The Mike The Janitor Experience

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Tags: mike the janitor, the janitor's jams, music

In yet another edition of music and frivolity, Mike The Janitor brings us the sounds of The Guess Who, Grand Funk Railroad, Elvin Bishop, L7, Men At Work, Lazlo Bane, Sir Mix-A-Lot, The Rock-A-Teens, 5 6 7 8's, Bruce Hornsby & The Range, Carl Carlton, Bobby Brown, Jamiroquai and John Williams.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago at Park, WY, USA, US
by Victoria W's phlog

John has lived in the Powell area all of his life. He does not farm but helped farm when he was younger. He has much to say about the times when there was very little tools to help.

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Pain Free Tips - phlog (10463) image uploaded on 27-Oct-09

Good afternoon everyone John Williams here and it's been a while since I've been on ipadio. So I thought I'd get on ipadio here and put(?) quick saying. I wanna talk to you Jay about proactive versus reactive and one of the things that I'm very passion about is being very proactive in in our health care and then what we do Individually for ourselves and our health care. And the difference between proactive and reactive is proactive is to give you a brief education on is you're taking part, you were preventing, you are working towards not having to react to a situation and reactive is obviously the opposite. One other thing I wanna talk to you about is for example, we have a media and we have all these health education going on and we talked about preventing health issues down the road. That's a proactive approach that I think

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Pain Free Tips - phlog (10463) image uploaded on 27-Oct-09

Hello everyone and welcome back to Pain Free Tips Dot Com, Pain Free Tips phone cast. John Williams here. Just wanted to give a shout out to you this morning, actually this afternoon. Exiting things going on around here. Beautiful another beautiful sunny day here in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. I wanted to make you aware of the new videos in the video streams that I do. When you go on to the website, you'll see them there, the U stream videos. Does a very helpful tips on reducing stress, high blood pressure, anxiety, acid reflex. You name it we will putting them on. But I wanted to make that bring that to your attention and make you are of that. I also be putting up a new video today for the stretching while travelling or pain while travelling that you can take a look at. I encourage you to write comments on any of this content that's on the website on the video

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Pain Free Tips - phlog (10463) image uploaded on 27-Oct-09

Hello everyone and welcome back to Pain Free Tips dot com. John Williams here. Well rested. Took about 5 days off. I need to get some and relaxation and stress reduction. We all deal with stress and that's my topic for today. Reduce some stress. Most pain which are not attribute to stress which can be the physical emotion or psychological, spiritual, you know or any of this combined and stress can cause muscle tension and stiffness and, and it ultimately leads a permanent muscle tightness. It reduces the blood flow and oxygenation along with the ability to remove any toxins from the body and this looks tremendous strain on the body. So one of the things that I like to do is define(?) going through a rough time.

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Pain Free Tips - phlog (10463) image uploaded on 27-Oct-09

Hello everyone and welcome back to Pain Free Tips dot com. John Williams here just some food for thought today been doing a lot of researching, a lot of internet studying on various different things mainly on food and the drugs that are out there, how they're affecting us and what we need to be more cautious and what we need to look at but keep an eye on the site. We're gonna be putting some stuff up there, some more articles, gonna start working on some stuff to get better information out to you. I thank everybody for that is faithful and coming on to the site and checking out the stuff. I've been getting a lot of demand and where there's demand you need to bring about the supply. A lot of demands for more information, more than just stretching. I appreciate those off you that love the stretching days. We're gonna keep.

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Pain Free Tips - phlog (10463) image uploaded on 27-Oct-09
Broadcast 4 years ago
by Pain Free Tips

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Tags: friend jason, john williams, vicky

Hey Ronnie, welcome back to painfreetips.com. John Williams here. Just wanted to get in touch with you this morning. Just had a good breakfast with my good friend Jason Rodelli who were in the marathon yesterday. 26mi and word inspiration Jason from Vicky(?) and for a lot of people ___ this morning. It's a long ___ task of running 26mi from Ford is a major part of it and ___ expect of anybody who runs 26mi like that. But very inspirational and we're gonna be working on some new content for the site. Folks I wanna keep you informed on some stuff we're gonna be putting up some new videos and we're changing some of the stuff around the site. We'll be doing a lot of research over the weekend as to what I wanna do, how

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Pain Free Tips - phlog (10463) image uploaded on 27-Oct-09

Hello everyone, John Williams here with Paint Free Keeps Dot Com. Told you I get back to you about the big Harrisburg City marathon and I am proud to say that Jason finished 26mi, did really well. He is dead tired as what they expected but the amazing thing is that the end of 26mi he proposed to his girlfriend and ask for her hand to marriage and she said yes. So I'm really proud, I'm honored to be a part of that day today with all families and friends that were all out cheering them on as he was coming in to the finish line. It's just a great honor and I'm proud to say that Jason is my friend. He has been a com(?) you know just very motivational for me. He's an inspiration to me also not only as he a client but we do business

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Pain Free Tips - phlog (10463) image uploaded on 27-Oct-09

Hello everyone John Williams again here this morning. The runners are off and they've started the marathon so I'm going to get some breakfast but I just wanna talk to you. I've been working with Jason for quite a long time he's been really doing well in prep for the big marathon race here today so hopefully he does well qualifies to make it for the Boston but the neat thing I wanted to talk about Jason is I have not had have not seen Jason on my table the whole time we've been getting him ready, one is because he's he's a healthy guy so he takes care of his body and two not that I don't want him on my table but he has asked or maybe I should get on your table and you do some work but when there's nothing wrong you don't do work cos if it ain't work don't fix it so what he has been doing is he has.

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Pain Free Tips - phlog (10463) image uploaded on 27-Oct-09

Hello everyone and welcome back to Paint Free Tips(?) dot Com. This is John Williams here. Beautiful Sunday morning at Hartford City on Hartford Pennsylvania at Sea Iron for the hair and food marathon 26mi run. I'm here with Jason Verdelli(?) at Jason Verdelli(?) dot com and the one of my clients. We were preparing him for months for this racing. It's hoping to qualify for the block(?) marathon. Race is good and stretch been ready to go. We got him all worked up. Got him pump out and he's ready to run the race and it is going to be starting here in a few minutes probably maybe 400 people here. So, it's been pretty, pretty used crowd but anything is possible if you wanna do something this has been long in the works for Jason to get this race run. He's never run a full marathon before and like I said I'm one of the previous stunt cast, he had done enough.

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