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 Image (423683) image uploaded on 08-05-13
Broadcast 11 months ago at Montgomery, KY, USA

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History and prophecy of Jerusalem...

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 Image (423674) image uploaded on 08-05-13
Broadcast 11 months ago at Fayette, KY, USA

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Jerusalem day... History lesson...

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 Image (47184) image uploaded on 28-03-12
Broadcast 2 years ago at City of Westminster, Greater London, UK
by GMJ London

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Tags: israeli embassy, palestine, jerusalem

Hello I'm Hamir(?) Sahin(?) I live in London and in front of the Israeli Embassy and there ___ about 600 people here or more and we're protesting against Israel because of Israel taking over Palestine and taking over Jerusalem taking over Palestine for over 50 years and we would like to change an impact.

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 Image (47181) image uploaded on 28-03-12

South Africa report on their successful Global March To Jerusalem rally today.

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 Image (47186) image uploaded on 28-03-12
Broadcast 2 years ago at Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
by GMJ India

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Tags: civil rights organization, australian embassy, global management

Live report from the Global March To Jerusalem

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 Image (33892) image uploaded on 21-04-13
Broadcast 2 years ago at 60, Jerusalem, Israel
by Rev. Vincent X. Shaw, M.Div.

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Tags: savior jesus, chief priests, time jesus

Mercy and peace with you from our Lord and risen savior Jesus the Christ. A meditation shall come from the gospel reading that you've heard me hear Matthew chapter 16 please be seated. The holy gospel according to Saint Matthew the 16th chapter hear this words one more time. And Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him and say far be it from you Lord this shall never happen to you. That this shall never happen to Jesus is very clear in our text. It says so here right at the beginning from that time Jesus began he show his disciples and he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes(?) and be killed and on the 3rd day he raise and so Peter takes Jesus and rebukes(?) Jesus regarding can just regard

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 Image (33892) image uploaded on 21-04-13

___ flow and ___ savior Jesus the Christ. Amen. In to the latter years of David reign over Israel. One of his own son set apply in motion to assert ___ the thrown of his own daddy. This is suffer as long was his name little by little. Stole away the heart of Israel with a small army then stage the successful coupe in Jerusalem. Although David eventually redeemed his thrown. He did saw only after his kingdom have been shattered and as long as ___ some was still. Four generations later when the Israelite(?) king named Asa(?) assumed the throne he faced the problem of widespread idolatry(?) among his own people. When he

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 Image (33892) image uploaded on 21-04-13
Broadcast 3 years ago at 7745 Healdsburg Ave, Sebastopol, CA 95472, USA
by Rev. Vincent X. Shaw, M.Div.

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Tags: prophet zachariah, king of all kings, grace mercy

The King comes to His Jerusalem to receive His Kingdom. Although He is the mightiest King over all kings, yet He comes in humility. He hides His glory, so that it is difficult to tell that the King has come. He did not come as an earthly king, but as a poor, miserable Man riding on a donkey's colt. It was not even His donkey, but a borrowed one. He did not come with a saddle or with boots and spurs. He looked like a beggar, not a King. Since He comes in such a humble manner, it is no wonder that so many refuse to recognize Him. It is no wonder that many despise the King, because He does not present Himself the way they think He should come. They want earthly glory and the inspiration of the human spirit. They expect earthly peace and prosperity and persuasion. They desire visions and mystical experiences. But it is not only those other people out there that feel this way. It is ingrained in our sinful flesh as well. It is written upon our soul that we yearn for visible glory. We want to see success and riches. It may not be obvious, and we may suppress the voices inside that say so, but we want prosperity, too. A part of us is not content to struggle and suffer and have a Savior who comes in hidden ways, through suffering and cross. Our old Adam would much rather have experiences that inspire us so that we feel spiritual. Christ does not come in such fleshly ways. That is because He does not come to bring us an earthly kingdom, defined by success and prosperity and emotion. The kingdom He wants us to inherit is the kingdom of heaven. He does not want to give riches of this fleeting world. He wants to give eternal treasures. When we enter that new and different life, then the present life with its rules will pass away. The lives of the saints will no longer be defined by suffering. Instead, we will be clothed in immortality. Eating, drinking, and working will no longer be necessary to sustain physical life. Indeed, these bodies of ours will be more beautiful than we can imagine. Nothing will be spoiled there by sadness, weakness, or sickness. Instead, there will only be everlasting happiness and health and strength. For every aspect of death and every result of sin will vanish, destroyed by the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb, Christ our King. In this world, we are poor, lost sinners who are condemned to death in the devil's clutches. But through the death and blood of Christ our King, He has redeemed us from all sins, from death, and the power of the devil. By faith alone in Him, we are righteous and blessed forever. What wonderfully different teaching and wisdom this is compared with what is offered by human reason. The wisdom of this world teaches us how to live here and now. It teaches that all things, riches and glory and heaven, must be earned by the sweat of our brow or the goodness of our character. But Christ brings a far better kingdom, where He has done all for us. He entered Jerusalem without glory, meekly riding on a donkey. By this, He not only fulfilled the words of the prophet, but He also showed that He was not here to establish an earthly kingdom. No, His purpose was to rescue us through His sacrifice so that we may one day escape this wretched, mortal, decaying existence and enter that happy, glorious, eternal life beyond. So this is a unique and extraordinary King. He has set up a spiritual kingdom over which He holds sway with a different kind of power than the earthly kings use. He does not use weapons and armies and the rule of law to hold His kingdom. No, He uses His Word and Spirit. ? Through these, we Christians are able to become very well acquainted with Christ our King. We are able to place all our hope boldly in the life that is to come, where we will be forever happy, free of all sin and infirmity. This is the very reason that He came, was crucified, died, rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven to occupy His kingdom. By His blood and Holy Spirit, He has swept us clean of all filth, so that all who believe in Him are righteous and blessed, and will someday pass through temporal death into His heavenly kingdom. That is why all of us should truly and heartily welcome this King who comes among us in His Word and Sacrament. We should recognize Him as our righteous Helper who gives us the kingdom and eternal life. To inherit that life is why we should faithfully use the Gospel. On the other hand, to despise this pure Gospel is to fail to recognize the King who comes. To turn our back on the Spirit's work is to follow the Jews who rejected the Savior, even when He came in the exact manner prophesied by Scripture. May we never follow their example, but instead faithfully receive the gracious visitation of our Passover Lamb who is our King, Christ Jesus our dear Lord. To Him alone be glory without end in the kingdom of His Father. Amen.

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Friday Night Service 3/26/2010 - \

Shalom, this is Rabbi Michael Cahana Congregation Beth Israel in Portland Oregon. It is Friday night March 26th and we're about to begin our Sabbath Service. We'll begin in just a moment.

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