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Logan's phlog - phlog (16845) image uploaded on 10-Feb-10

Hey ladies and gentlemen. I'm sitting here with Ramiro Mongiya(?) and he is just finished his short film about over that what do call it. I don't know what I'm gonna call it yet. I think it might be I have no idea what I'm gonna call it yet. How do you describe it basically about the it's an art full film about about the internal struggle of man. We all know about it. We all have our Own and that just about working to it. That's great we spent one day shooting and then we had an amazing well I had an amazing idea to do something else so we had to get all the stuff together again and we shot the rest of it tonight and then we're gonna go back to editing. It's gonna be a good piece. It's probably gonna be shown for the next Latino film festival in the Rose Marie theater. Probably some others but we definitely know for a fact will be showing there.

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Broadcast 3 years ago
by John's phlog

Tags: german pilot, american pilot, weekend in paris

This is Anne Thorsten(?) and I'm reading to the last man by ___. Chapter 8 of to the last man focuses on the character Left(?) Berry the American pilot and this chapter talks about how the man and Left(?) Berry have taken a break and are partying for the weekend in Paris and these guys went to a bunch of bars and ___ random barrels and just had fun(?) with each other they are quite similar to when Paul and three of his friends moved over to the French girl's house so they can have a break from all the torment of war coverage and all ___ later on in this chapter in a library from Left(?) Berry's(?) internal struggle with the war and how he doesn't know what he wants to believe about it yet he knows he wants to be one of the best pilots in the war towards the end of the chapter Left(?) Berry(?) goes on a patrol and finds himself in a conflict with a German pilot they try to take each other down but the end they both end up getting away Left(?) Berry(?) left away from the conflict thinking that they could've both easily died and that from now on they need to be careful

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