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Broadcast 2 years ago at 4914 Rockefeller Rd, Owasco, NY 13021, USA
by Scot's phlog

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Tags: empire state building, hashima, interesting man

Breaking news. We have here a tremendous attack on Tsunami Nickobara(?). I'm hearing depend lives as you can see Tsunami Nickobara(?) just hit hard and this is a tremendous attack. We could not believe it happened. Excuse me excuse me sir. Do you know what happened here. Yes Nickobara(?) ___ Nickobara(?) and it's really devastating. I don't have any money. I lost my dogs but my family safe. Alright thanks. But anyway you have it here and we had an interesting man here. He knows all about these facts and his name is Dr Hashima(?). ___ about the size of the Empire State building. It turns out that the earthquake was 8.9 under the ocean. A hundred ___ these people could have just got to the higher elevation.

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