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 Image (1783482) image uploaded on 10-03-14
Broadcast about a month ago at Laktaši, Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Military Social Media

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In this fourth edition Nicole and David discuss how damaging inappropriate posting of content by military personnel can be and maybe what remedies are available. Social Ops is a collaboration between http://wwwsocialmediamonster.com.au and http://www.militarysocialmedia.eu

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Tim's phlog - phlog (4780) image uploaded on 24-Sep-09
Broadcast 9 months ago
by Random Musings

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Tags: gulls, seagulls, seagull

You can't blame the seagulls of course. You can blame the idiots tourists who feed them. There I was in Dartmouth Royal Avenue Gardens. Got a sandwich for lunch. Eating it happily just putting it to my mouth and a seagull grabbed it from my hand between my hand and my mouth. Vicious things. You can't blame the birds. He was only doing what he should. But we get loads of idiot tourists who insist on throwing a little bit of food for the gulls and end up quite surprised when you tell them that the creatures are dangerous. A part from anything else you can give them food that's bad for them. But they're dangerous. They'll attack you for your food and I live here I should have know better. Ah well.

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 Image (38541) image uploaded on 11-06-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at 121-145 N LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60602, USA
by ChicagoScope

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Tags: new neighbours, social norms, lee hammond

Hey this is Lee Hammond with another Chicago Scope Global pod cast moment and just a little tip for those of you who are going to be moving here in Chicago which tends to happen in September October. For some idiots just up the block and they have all their friends over and they're helping them move in and naturally they can't do that without cranking up the radio in the in their car to unheard of sense around proportions. I mean I can't tell you what an image that does seeing your new neighbours moving in who have oh what's the kind way to put this. They have different social norms(?) different social norms(?) in other words assholes. How do you deal with asshole neighbours. There's plenty of them out there to be sure. This the Chicago Scope dot com and expose the asshole ness(?) in your neighborhood

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Stacey's phlog - phlog (29340) image uploaded on 15-Jul-10
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Stacey Radio

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Tags: heart to stone, dagger, jab

Thursday March 10th 2011. Stop hurting me. Pull up a chair in the room next to the others who hurt me. When a woman tells you you're hurting her do you stop do you try harder not to or do you continuously jab the dagger in deeper. It's my own mistake. The price I paid for opening up to you. I should have known better. I was naive and harder now because of you. I'm untrusting(?) now thanks to you. Thank you for turning my heart to stone. Thank you for making it more difficult for those who succeed you. Well I'm moving on. I'll keep searching until I find my heart's mirror. You can't make it better you broke it. The damage is done so pull up a chair next to the other idiots who've lost and stop hurting me.

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 Image (37748) image uploaded on 29-04-11

/BEGIN_TRANSMISSION always approaching but never reaching FTL it still feels slow my mind aches as the planet shrinks sure and steady in the periphery the lies i told the ones i keep telling they will end me especially the ones i tell myself the greatest of all the idiots that used to live down there i see this as an escape my last refuge losing my connections i doubt you'll care if this even reaches you this dying screed will last it has to even a healthy mind decays /END_TRANSMISSION /TIME_RECEIVED 02:17 /UNKNOWN GAMMA

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Blog Post: Social Media Marketing: Complete Idiots Guide - phlogcast (52454) image 1 uploaded on 24-Dec-10

Social Media is quickly becoming the new marketing tool for generating real and ongoing business in today’s uncertain economic world. So this new “Idiot’s Guide” by Jennifer Abernethy couldn’t have come at a better time.

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