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A covalent(?) bond is a strong bond between two non metal atom. It consist of a shared pair of electron. A covalent(?) bond can be represented by a straight line or dot in ___. Hydrogen and Chlorine can each form one covalent(?) oxygen, two bonds nitrogen three well(?) carbon can form four bonds. Sharing electron. You'll need to understand what covalent(?) bonding is and to remember some of the properties of molecules that are formed in this way. A covalent(?) bond forms when two non metal atoms share a pair of electron. Electron involved in the highest archipad(?) energy level for other shelve of the atoms and atoms does shared one of it's electron's to complete it high occupied energy level. Covalent(?) bonds are strong and a lot of energy is needed to break them. Substances(?) substances with covalent(?) bond open for molecules with well melting and boiling point such as hydrogen and water. Example when covalent(?) bonds are being form reaching hydrogen atoms and chlorine atoms. They can form hydrogen chloride. After bonding the covalent(?) atoms it's now in contact with A electron in it.

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