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 Image (2137516) image uploaded on 07-04-14
Broadcast 13 days ago
by Katrin's channel

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 Image (2069839) image uploaded on 31-03-14
Broadcast 20 days ago
by HomeMakers

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Tags: Community, Permaculture, chickens

This is our first podcast in which we reflect on our adventures in becoming self sufficient, independent, human beings. We discuss community, permaculture, making, raising a family, and freedom.

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 Image (1981587) image uploaded on 25-03-14
Broadcast 26 days ago at Pahrump, NV, USA
by Toni's channel

Tags: AD, Alzheimer's, Alzheimer's Disease

What I know about the human brain through caring for my mother who has Alzheimer's Disease.

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 2 months ago
by Alister's channel

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Tags: snapchat

El control de humanos de snapchat fue hackeado en una hora de trabajo de un investigador.

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 Image (116359) image uploaded on 18-11-13
Broadcast 3 months ago at Leninskiy rayon, Perm, Perm Krai, Russia
by Pole of Cold Expedition 2013

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Hello there, it's Manny here. We're all rather tired again we've had a very very adventurous day today starting off quite early going to see the Pan Am 36 ___ just outside Perm about an hour and half away North I think it was. Yes very very very worrying really just to kinda see what what other human beings can do to other human beings it was it was quite traumatic quite awful. We met with Serge who gave us a guided tour. Hello there it's Manu here. We're all rather tired again we've had a very very adventurous.

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Oxfam emergency podcasts - channel image uploaded on 02-Mar-10
Broadcast 5 months ago
by Oxfam Channel - update from the field

Update from Oxfam Australia chief executive direct from Cebu, Philippines, following the November 2013 typhoon humanitarian emergency

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 Image (638127) image uploaded on 26-08-13
Broadcast 8 months ago at United States, California, ???·???=?????
by Wholesaler Masterminds Radio

Tags: Peggy Mengel, DNA Behavior, Wholesaler Masterminds Radio

Peggy Mengel is Vice President, Customer Experience Advisor for DNA Behavior International. DNA Behavior International has been leading the behavior awareness revolution for over ten years by helping financial services firms navigate human differences. The firm helps grow behaviorally smart advisors by matching diverse advisors, clients and solutions. Prior to joining DNA Behavior, Peggy spent her career in the financial services industry as a sales trainer, account manager and a wholesaler who “carried the bag” for eight years

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 Image (94313) image uploaded on 11-07-13
Broadcast 9 months ago
by World Wide Christians

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Let me drown by We as human. You can purchase this song and the entire album on iTunes. God Bless.

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 Image (34459) image uploaded on 03-07-13

Hi, it's Archie. Checking in with you about GZ(?) and PM. Hey well initial for you there the prosecution has a finished off closing argument here today and all the court the PDS(?) dot net. I think ___ on HON(?) is not bad as Summer with all latest Mabeline(?) has stupid hack Nancy Craig is on her show and start ___ late stuff break techni(?) and the GS might that woman GRRR(?) all of this Nancy Craig is amongst respectable human being at planet earth that's that's what I'm thinking a week from George Berman greyhound bark ___. Nancy Craig is a a piece of garbage. There you go that's fine that's all I come owe you about this ___ boy I tell you what again like I've see the tale over and over

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 9 months ago at Opelika, AL, USA
by betty's channel

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Tags: squeeze lemon, lemon grass, zinger

Today I am going to go over a recipe for mango lime and lemon black zinger. It's as for you and me one third fresh and squeeze lemon juice. 1 L of lemon dryer plus 2 extra dot field and have to garnish. One small there right mango 3 cuts of low carbon water. 8 I G's reserve for alarm ___ and 2 glasses bowl remove out of ground park of the lemon grass and discard. ___ the remaining card and add to human lives. Cut network

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