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Broadcast about a year ago
by EDTC channel

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Tags: ipads, gonna focus, huge market

Hello this is Natasha Floyd(?). Today I'm gonna be talking about emerging trends about our emerging unit in education which are related to technology I'm gonna focus on 3 emerging trends so the 3 emerging trends that I am going to discuss today are mobile devices in schools getting base(?) learning and personal learning environment. So first time I wanna get an overview of each one. Mobile devices in school mobile devices in schools is instead of students will be using more mobile devices in school is just their phone their iPads or their other tablets which have access to the internet and access to other applications that students could use in the school. This is a topic that's really exploding because of the huge market of mobile devices that has they come available and so a lot of school ___ to adopt EYOD(?) or B Y O T policies which stands for bring your own device or bring your own technology

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Brought to you by ipadio.
Broadcast 3 years ago
by Kirsteen's phlog

Tags: market gap, huge market, gap

So this is group 1 and our point is that social media should be allowed and integrated into all courses. Our first one is that it isn't included students with a huge market gap of opportunity in learning about how social media can help them harness those to the best to their ability. Our 2nd point is that students already interact with social media so why not we shouldn't use it to the best to the best of their advantage and on the same line if you can't beat them join them and show the best ways how can really increase their studying. Our third point is that at expense networking be on the classroom while providing exposure to different industries series and best part is that they may not have been able to interact with have social media and not been a part of their course.

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