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Broadcast about a year ago at Aiken, SC, USA
by Michelle's channel

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Tags: metaphysical conceit, michelle price, aiken south carolina

I Catherine Michelle Price a resident of Aiken South Carolina being a sound mind and Able Body and at least eighteen years old do here by. Oh wait, this is supposed to be what I believe what not I leave. Well here goes I believe in a lot of things. Maybe that's why I'm so busy and tired all the time. I will just hit the highlights. Let's see. I believe in my students. They can and will all learn in my class even if I have to drag them kicking and screaming into the correction and the theft the metaphysical conceit(?) for John Dunn and the horrors(?) of the state mandated research paper in the end it is rewarding for us all when they walk across that stage and I dub my eyes wishing them good luck saying our goodbyes and looking forward to the hot sun of June and I hope one day they will recall a classroom memory or an essay they struggled with or some ___

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 Image (28557) image uploaded on 31-03-12
Broadcast 3 years ago at Polk, FL, USA, US
by The Ruminative Runner

Tags: west central florida, hot sun, stumbler

Hello fellow Arcadians this is Norm Stumbler(?) in Florida on a none running day. Just wanted to check in, haven't made a flog in a while. I'm here at the mall with my beautiful wife and 2 daughters and just has a plugging promotion if you head over to Facebook you'll see a video. A quick video out made of my daughter when her fascination of steps. She climbs up and down the steps and that is climbed up and down the steps of her ___. It's fascinating for those who find it fascinating but, anyway just a quick update I might running this week. Down here in West Central Florida. I've had a pretty good week actually on Monday I got 5mi in, in the Blazing hot sun, on Wednesday I got 6 and a half

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