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Hi everyone and welcome to the Perfect Pilates podcast. This is the 12 podcast message. My name is Marcus and before we begin the show as usual just give a quick thank you to our sponsor Fitness Choice. You can find them at Fitness Choice dot com dot au. If you have a chat for Michael(?) any of this famous staff to help you out with any home exercise equipment that you maybe considering. Class this way for perfect Pilates event focus on developing as things in that tower so I'm gonna work on some way passing movements which means course have to work pretty hard and gonna hold our poses for a little bit longer than we used to so the exercises will be pretty tough. Some of them will actually be static(?) exercises so we just be holding ourselves in position and the reason they're difficult and tough position we gonna hold off for as long as we can and we'll move on straight into the next one. Some of the exercises you may have done before and some of them will be new

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