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Team Jordan
Broadcast 2 years ago
by Live from Antarctica

Tags: high wind, little bit, summit

Hi this is Karen ___ calling in some Melvin's and Base Camp. We're still waiting on whether there are big big ___ in the next 24 hours ___ 10:00 tonight so if you have midnight here and the sun is shining and we're going to bed and hoping that the high wind some subside a little bit in terms of the prediction and hopefully in the next 24 hours we start heading up the mountain and towards the summit. We'll be in touch. Right now we're here at base camp and still manage at gear getting things together and taking care of things. We'll be in touch and let you know when were moving up the mountain. We miss you all and thank you all for helping us get here and doing great all is great every one is ___ ready for some ___ we'll be in touch. ___.

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 Image (37560) image uploaded on 21-06-12

Ron(?) this is Chris calling ___. What's going on here? So ___ lately there's good for your weather forecast or sorry a weather ___ today and today and possibly tomorrow. Anyway is it possible ___ there are high high winds up on the mountain right now and ___. So yeah that's, you know we're definitely set to go here on the ___ to the court it's the last ___. Anyway seeing if there might be a long winds on Monday and Sunday. So we're gonna try that and deal ___.

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 Image (37560) image uploaded on 21-06-12
Broadcast 2 years ago at 6200-6468 Camp Creek Rd, Lucasville, OH 45648, USA
by FTA - Dispatches from the field

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Tags: camp 3, camp 1, high winds

Hi, this is Chris calling from TQ Rad Peak ___ expedition. Just a quick update here. Blackman and Toffee came down. I have left camp 3 this morning. They were unable to ___ because of high winds and but you know they're gonna try it another day they're all high so they're gonna, we're gonna give it another shot here next ___ hopefully. In other news we have Mike Andrei care Jeff and John ___ at camp 1. Today they're gonna be going up to camp 2 tomorrow and maybe sleep in there if not they're gonna come back down and then the next day the rest of the group excluding myself are going up. We got Winn, then Yellow, Rob, Ken and see I think that's about it sorry if I'd forgotten anyone. Anyways I'm gonna go up the following day ___ to camp 2 and then we're gonna go.

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Hi this is Stew calling in on the 17th. It's Tuesday the 17th of May and we're here at the 14200 Camp. We got a little bit of snow this morning and little bit of wind and hopefully there's a cloud all combining to make it a ___ morning. We're expecting to have very very high winds on Wednesday Thursday and Friday. So today we're gonna try to get out and get it as it run up the fix lines to 65 60 thousand five hundred feet on the main west ___. Yesterday we had a great walk over towards the west route and just where west gain the rest of it two of our numbers Christy and Brad Messy(?) ___ actual real itself and that I close to the road but ended up just enjoying the good weather and the conversation. So we'll we'll be give you more details

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 Image (37560) image uploaded on 21-06-12

Hello this is Ben calling from advanced base camp on Cho Oyu. Really good day we decided not to go for the summit. yesterday morning early we had a really high winds during the night, actually about 10:00pm they started to really kick up then we had started having high gusts. we were hoping for them to die off about 3:00 and the latest we could have left for was maybe 4:00 or 5:00 I am a little worried that there's wind kinda changed later in the day so we didn't wanna be caught up high.

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