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Hey Brian Block coming to you live from Base Camp at the time of recording. Sitting here with Matt and Charlie just wanna drop a line and give you the update that's what going on now we have some connectivity to more than one day. Today is actually one of beautiful day we got some high clouds building and churches that figure with ___ some other to come but exactly what we're expecting to last 2 days. So we'll see what happens. But yeah let's gonna make little trip down the good old camping hopefully be connected with internet as the sowsee(?) to what were told about to having connectivity up here continue to prevail. So fast ___ give you little update after as to what's he's been up there. We're sitting here inside the Cat dance(?) getting ready to go on the broad chap 10:15 in the morning looks like felt 11:30 Iowa and that would be 10:34 ___ time. Spent 2 days down here contact ___

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