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Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. I've heard that wise saying for years but I've come to believe that even the best intended plans do not always work out the way we expect. For example having children may seem like an ordinary plan, but getting children can be an ordeal. My wife and I found out we were expecting our first child within a year of our marriage and we felt we were on our way to establishing our traditional husband wife and 2 kids family. However things did not exactly work out that way. After several years of fertility procedures, it became a parent that in the words of our doctor to order something drastic, the plan of having another child was not going to happen. After hearing of the plied(?) of little girls in China, my wife brought up the idea of adoption. After an arduous(?) process of.

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Mark Street Clergy House
London, EC2A 4ER

Clients include:
  • virgin media
  • oxfam
  • british horse racing authority
  • england athletics
  • homeserve