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 Image (90051) image uploaded on 26-07-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at General Manuel García Vigil (García Vigil) 413, Centro, Oaxaca, Mexico
by Skip Hunt's Phlog (Phone Blog)

Tags: gilly, mexico city

Hello amigo?, it's your boy Skip. Down in Mexico. It's July 25th Monday 2010. And I am now in Wahaka(?) City been here 3 nights and I guess checking 3 4 days and I'm leaving tonight for Mexico City. Want to give you a quick update. There's a giant festival going and go ___ called the Gilly Getta(?). It's huge. Tons of people and I know that it's should be a good day but and it have been but I think I'm I think I'm ready to move on down the road. So where are you ___

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