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 Image (1082039) image uploaded on 27-11-13
Broadcast 4 months ago at United States, California, ???┬Ě???=?????
by Wholesaler Masterminds Radio

Tags: Jeffrey Gitomer, Rob Shore, Wholesaler Masterminds®

Over the past 25 years, Jeffrey has emerged as one of the most dynamic, entertaining, and sought-after speakers in the world. Speaking and training worldwide more than 150 times a year, Jeffrey provides answers, informs, challenges, and inspires sales forces and upper management for hundreds of the largest and most successful companies. Jeffrey will show you how to change your listening and learning habits from the traditional "I know that" to the 21st century strategy, "How good am I at that?" Each participant will walk away with new understanding and an individualized game plan for action and success.

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Broadcast 5 months ago
by Wendell's channel

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Training call on new game plan

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Broadcast about a year ago at Saran, Bihar, India
by The Block's on Kili & Kenya

Tags: good weather, s brian, game plan

Hey, it's Brian and Vanessa calling in from Kelly to give you an update. We are actually at Karinga(?) camp. We decided not to call ___ today because we go to the start from there so we just go there late tomorrow and ___ around midnight apparently is a game plan and then summit and come back down to make camp or maybe all the way up. Let's see how the feel of it. Everything is going well. Feeling good. We avoided the rain once again. Wasn't much today but again ___ we can stay dry and more of our gear and after pack ___ great and Vanessa ___ and I'm loving my rebel. So it's been good trip so far people are fun. Food is great. Yeah looking forward to getting back home. Before too long. It seems like we've been doing a lot longer ___ couple of days but yeah looking forward to it and hope everybody back home is enjoying good weather and hopefully some winter and we'll catch up with you probably tomorrow

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 Image (28680) image uploaded on 19-07-13
Broadcast 2 years ago
by John Henry's Phone Blog

Tags: game plan, self service, stomach

Well this is to remember ___ from the very moment racer ___ 5018. We had a little bit hope. We thought we had lost our rider. We weren't lost our rider wasn't lost we didn't know where each other where and we're fighting him right after you 110th Street Avenue the short that term we're sitting here at the base of the window Climel(?). John was looking good. He's had a few stomach issues already early and his rider is a little concerning to me but hopefully we'll get that all straightened up going back to the plan of what ___ game plan is proven hydration whatsoever. See if you can get that all straightened up. He's riding good looking strong today as early as long ways to go yet so. We'll keep you all updated as possible and we'll gonna go to section here where we had a little self service for a while. So it maybe a while before we get self service and there's only self service in about 20 percent of this route anyway so we should probably train it as

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Broadcast 3 years ago at Summit, NY, USA
by Jay's phlog

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Tags: campaign actions, millennium development, paul cook

Hi my name is Paul Cook. I'm off to the Millennium Development Goal Summit in New York on Saturday. It's a very exciting opportunity. Ten years ago world leaders made a promise to cut poverty in half by 2015 at two thirds on the way through then 5 years left to go this is their big opportunity if we get things back on track were we lost track and one or two places they are badly off the track. So there's one goal that's 200 years behind schedule at the moment. So we really need to see coming out at the end of next week is a game plan by world leaders to deliver those targets on time in the next 5 years with real measurable mass things and a 5 year target and we will be praying and so get it out from there and campaigning and holding world leaders to account and there's real opportunity to ensure they deliver by people around the world joining us in prayer and taking campaign actions on the Tfom(?) website. Please follow us on the Tfom(?) website as we get it through the next week or so. Thanks for your prayers.

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