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Hi Hayley, this is April. I hope you're having a great day. This is kinda weird talking on a girl phone like visit anyway so we watch the video with Ms Gaila and her class and I just really like Ms Gaila. I think she's a really cool teacher she can go. She really good listener and she's really patient with the kids and just really enthusiastic and I just very appreciate her and I like watching her. Anyway she said it out asking for a personal experiences from the kids like just did ever had the lights go out. At there house and that was really good cos you've got them been thinking about back or now just making connections between there arrives and the story and I thought she ask them how to make you feel when the lights go out I just thought that was a good idea or anything if that was really

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With the First question when starting about how Gaila built meaning for the students that introduction she just basically have conversation with her students just talking about how they feeling alive to go out and personal examples of what they would do and the like to go out or how they feel and things like that and she just talked to then I had conversation basically introducing that this book was about lights and introducing that the book is about candle lights specifically when the lights go out and when she had the night predictions before reading the book she asked about the characters and specifically where the dad maybe cos he's absent in the story as well as where could he be instead of being at home and also later when they're looking at pictures she's asking you know why does the character open the window or will the lights come back up and

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Gaila don't ___ for the students during to this introduction by allowing them from their own experiences and they're all ___. She wanted them to relate stories so she gave them an opportunity to talk about it their parents and what they've done when they were in the dark if they ever been in the dark. Maybe what they use and make it not dark any more and since ___ personal experiences Gaila help the students make predictions about the pictures before reading the book. They went through the book together and she happened to look at these picture and for print it twice they thought it might mean in the story what might be happening. Did Gaila have the students look at the pictures yes she did. She wanted them to really ___ into the pictures. It's important because it have them think about the story before they did a cold read of it.

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Gaila(?) built meaning ___ during the big introduction by allowing them to drop from their own personal experiences at home or with their parents with their families about being in the dark and the power going out. She really wanted them to fit themselves in to the ___ and realized this really happened and just kinda start thinking about it. Does she Gaila(?) ___ make predictions about the pictures before reading the book. They went through the group and was she state the pictures and made predictions about what they thought it meant and it really helped the students start building some comprehension before they just did a cold read and Gaila(?) did have the students look at the pictures before they read the text. It's important because she wanted them to not go in reading the book without any knowledge. You wanted them to think.

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Broadcast 2 years ago
by Spinning Yarns

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Hello, this is Marie Gailand(?). I'm sitting here at my piano and I'm thinking about advertising tonight. I'm thinking about how badly they've done. I was on Water Ball(?) Dot Com the other night and I bought a book. David says with the big heading you're availing(?) pick and I thought what the hell. So I decided, because I'm a saka(?) that I'm gonna buy my value pick as well. So I do. Maybe take a lighter he can't talk with something else to get me to buy another book. That is probably about as expensive but maybe not.

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