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 Image (38541) image uploaded on 11-06-11
Broadcast 2 years ago at 4765 N Central Ave, Chicago, IL 60630, USA
by ChicagoScope

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Tags: strawberry kiwi, fruit bars, jefferson park

Ok well here I am at the Jefferson Park Jewels and I'm in the ice cream section desperately looking for banana flavored popsicles. There was a time when banana flavored popsicles or generic brand versions of it were widely available. Now I don't see them. They've got popsicle chew test the texture of flavors with the shredded(?) blue raspberry and White Mystery. Who in the hell would need a popsicle flavor Whitney Mystery I think that's totally demitted. Then we've also got these Iddy(?) Iddy's(?) fruit bars antioxidants(?) featuring Esay(?) blue raspberry Palmer Granite and Gochee(?) white grape strawberry kiwi black cherry I mean those are probably ok. But what the heck Esay(?) is I don't know. And they've also got Palmer Granite but I wanna know where the heck is

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