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Crash by Jerry Spinelli(?). Chapter one my real name is John. John Kugan but everybody called me Crash. Even my parents. It started way back when I got my first football helmet for Christmas. I don't really remember this happening but they said that my uncle Herm's(?) family came over to see our presence. As they are coming to the front door. I got down into a 4 point stance growl ___ and charge to have my brand new helmet. Seems I knocked my cousin Bridget clear backed out the doorway and onto her butt into a foot of snow. They say she balled bloody murder and refused to come to the house. So uncle Herm finally had to drag his whole family away before they had a chance to take off their coats. Like I said personally I don't remember the whole thing but looking back at what I do remember about myself. I have to say the story is probably true. As far as I can tell I've always been crashing into people into things. You name it with or without a helmet. Actually I lied a minute ago. Not every

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