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Broadcast 3 years ago
by Peter's phlog

Tags: fluffy pants, party pants, stretchy pants

More pants. Red pants, green pants, yellow submarine pants. Dancing with the green pants la la la. Tummy pants, mommy pants, sucking on your tummy pants. Twickling(?) your tummy pants and matching bra. Now they get your wetty(?) pants super sonic Jessy(?) pants covered in spaghetti pants or my tea. Arty pants, party pants, black belt and karate pants have you done a crotchy pants no not me. Fairy pants, skating pants, you never late in stretchy pants, the 50 and extra special mate. Puffy pants, fluffy pants big and strong and toughy pants isn't that a naughty pants. Hey no way. Cooking in the kitchen pants good to stretch scratch and itching pants. Pants or a scary dinosaur. Coder pants, potter pants, oh there's such a lot of pants. Why don't you make up some more? More pants. More pants. More pants big pants. Giant pretty big pants. New pants, blue pants.

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